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  Welcome to jtfDesign.

No matter how small your project may be , we at jtfDesign will be happy to assist in the building or maintenance of your website.

With over thirty years of IT experience at hand we are more than prepared and qualified to help you make the very most of your Internet presence.

We are happy to streamline existing websites or perhaps just 'modernise' with a new look or promote them on search engines. We will design logos and websites from scratch and provide all hosting and domain name requirements. Whatever your Internet needs we are your one-stop site to fulfill them!


is your one-stop website for all your Internet needs....


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  • Fast and reliable
  • Personal service
  • Inexpensive
  • Free quotes
  • Forum Support
  • Animations
  • Flash Intros
  • Internet Greetings
  • Online Help
  • Free Classifieds
  • Multi-Service Links
** In addition to the language translations available ALS also translate text and URL's just follow the link 'Free Translation'.
  Human Translation and Free Translation from ALS
*** The services seen working here such as the Greetings link or Classifieds etc are all freeware programs for personal use and can be added to your website for a small installation fee.
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